All that is dear to us
All that is dear to us,
stays with us through touch.

When we hug our kids, embrace our partners, comfort our friends.

The touch means proximity, contact and trust.

In the material sphere too, the touch is the most important cognitive sense and helps us assess whether an item is adequate and satisfies our requirements. In the selection process, it acts as an indicator. We like stroking and touching the furniture and items that we use.




In Italian, TOCCARE means “to touch”. We treat this as an obligation to give you a credible product which, similarly to your senses, will generate experiences.

The experience of proximity, trust and safety

In the world we live in, where everything seems to happen at breakneck speeds, where we spend more time touching the cold screens of our smartphones than our own bodies, our houses and apartments are zones that give us shelter, let us rest and rewind.
All the things we put around us is a way of discreetly searching for a balance between the outer world and that which lets us regain balance and harmony.

Hence our affection to warm colours, soft fabrics, cosy places and natural materials.

When we were designing fabrics for the TOCCARE collection, we focused on feelings and what the fabrics are to the touch. And then we applied the colours. We believe that this is the first element of the choice. Finally, we used the right processes that help keep the fabrics clean and we made sure they are all quality certified.